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Wright Weatherâ„¢, LLC
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View Our Demos
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Hurricane Forecast Models for Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Infrared Satellite Imagery of Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Ensemble Model Plots of Tropical Storm Florence 2006
Tropical Storm Ernesto Making Landfall Near Wilmington, NC 12 Hour GFS Model Forecast of sea level pressure and precipitation as a tropical cyclone moves inland. 36 Hour forecast of surface winds from the NAM model
Observed Upper Air Sounding Tornadaic Supercell thunderstorm with classic hook signature in Wisconsin Very strong mesocyclone signature from the Doppler radar. Tornado on the ground at the time.
1 KM Visible Satellite image. 4 Panel Image 48 forecast from the NAM model depicting 1000-850, 850-700 thicknesses, QPF and Mean RH and Vertical Velocity. 12 hour NAM forecast of critical thicknesses with mean vertical velocities and mean relative humidity in the 850-500 MB layer. Used for making precipitation type forecasting, snow vs freezing etc.
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Jim Cantore
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